Soul & Light Work

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

-Albert Einstein

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As adults we’re often driven away from our True Selves, meeting the demands of society, up to a point where we don’t know how to listen to our own voice or body anymore, or how to be the Masters of our own lives. This long-term stress to the Soul can manifest in all sorts of physical or psychological problems. Especially highly-sensitive people (HSP), can suffer greatly from this.

I offer energy healing (sessions in Dutch and English possible), as a way to reconnect with Your-Self, with your own energy, your heart, your essence, and strength. It is my aim to help you, through energy healing, to live your life from your own strength again, in balance and in close connection with yourself, because you know how to listen to your inner voice and have the faith and self-love to follow that voice.


Energy healing is a great way to maintain your energetic, mental and physical health and an overal sense of well-being.  It also offers opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, deep transformation even… It really is a gift to yourself, as well as a lasting investment. During a healing you can be “You” entirely, sink into your body, energy, True-Self, gently guided by Energy. In general receivers of a healing experience it as deeply relaxing, warm, beautiful, loving and healing. Sometimes sore, vulnerable parts in the Soul find it easier to come to surface this way (rather than during a conversation or assessment for example), to be seen and held, as the space is entirely safe, sacred, non-judging and gentle. Healing and release can occur, and energy can flow more freely again.

Energy healing can also offer great and lasting support and benefits to people suffering from:

  • Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, AD(H)D, stress
  • HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), lack of grounding and overstimulation
  • Impact of medical procedures or medication
  • Sleeping problems
  • A feeling of “being stuck” (relationships, jobs, etc.)
  • A longing to live life more deeply connected with True-Self
  • Physical symptoms like eczema, migraines, tension in the body
  • And more…


I work hands-on with Natural Reiki Healing (Usui), with Trance Healing and as a Medium. Reiki is a very gentle and warm energy, comforting and soothing, yet deeply transforming. It evokes the self-healing abilities of your body and soul. As a trance healer and medium I connect to the Light World and look and listen if I might be shown a place in the soul, which is in need of healing. A session is often a combination of all.

In addition to regular treatments and healings, I also pass on the Munay-Ki rites. These are nine beautiful rites that were given to us by the last descendants of the Inca’s, the Q’eros. The Munay-Ki is a fast path to healing, Enlightenment and Unconditional Love. You’ll find more information on a separate page on this website.

If you choose the path of energy healing it helps when you have an open heart and mind, and are willing to take full ownership and responsibility of your own process. 

I have a lovely, warm practice in a yoga school in “Het Spaanse Hof”, a charming and cosy old building in the centre of The Hague. If you are unable to come to my practice, or if you are requesting help for an animal, I can offer remote healing sessions. I connect with the energy of the receiver of the healing through a photograph.

Het Spaanse Hof


 Everything is energy. We are energy. In a world overly focused on the rational, in which what we can’t see with our own eyes doesn’t exist, we’ve lost our connection with energy. We’ve lost our connection with our essence and have entered a state of “unconsciousness”. We are stuck in our ” thinking”, stuck in the physical 3D world. In this state we are also unaware of the fact that our thoughts, words and convictions, are energy. Our thoughts, words and convictions create the reality we experience inside and outside ourselves.

On the other hand, energy holds an incredible amount of information, better said, it IS information, which is constantly being transmitted to us, our psyches, our bodies, to everything that makes “us”. But most of us live in our heads and thoughts, are not ” connected”, and therefore the energy isn’t seen or heard, or better said not “felt”, as initially it will appeal to our intuition or feeling. As a result our energy flow blocks, and to draw attention it will manifest in a way we do seem to understand; physical symptoms. In our society we usually treat these symptoms on a physical level too, by taking some sort of medication, or talking to a psychologist who helps us find “reason” for what is happening to us. This approach often relieves us temporarily, but because the true root of the symptom is not dealt with, the symptom reoccurs, or becomes even worse, resulting in depression, anxiety, burn-out, addiction, or severe illness. Been there myself…

So why does energy do this? Why is it so persistent in its desire to be seen? It’s energy’s nature to want to flow freely, so it can offer nourishment and growth. When energy can do this, flow freely, we can live freely, we can literally move on from all that ever kept us stuck, or sick, or down before. Airy-fairy? Common sense in my opinion… And Albert Einstein’s too :-).

I offer energy healing in different ways, but at the basis stands that you’ll be gently reconnected with your body and your own energy (the “mind” will be put back in its place ;-)). I clean and heal your energy field and chakra’s, and rebalance and reconnect your chakra’s and energy field, through hands-on transmission of Universal Life Energy.

A hands-on energy healing is very warm and relaxing, though by reconnecting with your True-Self, your energy, feelings might come to surface, which you’ve been trying to suppress. These might be just the feelings, for which the physical or emotional manifestations have been trying to get your attention. Are you still with me? 😉

On the other hand you should know, that if it’s not the right time, or your Soul does not want to connect, receive, or show something, it will not happen. There is always free will.